Gifts For A City - The Works - April 1979

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The works below have been chosen from the works that were not taken home.  This means that we do not have equal numbers of works for each area; for instance only two for Toxteth. 

There were two logistical problems in the show.  First everyday throughout the week there was a different photograph - this posed problems in that people who wanted to offer a 'gift' to a specific part of the City were often faced with working on a different site.   In retrospect it would have been better - if more complex - to allow people to choose the site they wanted to work with.  Second - the degree to which people would be affected by the actual areas chosen was not fully foreseen prior to the event.  This is very clear in works created for housing photos.  It would perhaps have been better if there had been a general Liverpool site for those who really had ideas of 'gifts' for the City.

That having been said the works clearly show a desire for a more colourful and active city and one in which people can live comfortably

Works For The Sandon Docks, Vauxhall Road, Kirkdale, Merseyside

Work for The docks: Pennies from heavenWork for the Docks - May The City have The Gift of Seeing Itself ClearlyWork For The Docks : No DustWork For The docks - embroidered sandWork For the Docks: colourful fishWork for the Docks: One Day Is EnoughWork For The Docks -Embroidered BirdWork for The Docks

Works For The David Lewis Northern Hospital, Leeds Street, Merseyside 

Work for The David Lewis Hospital : A science museum for doing and viewingWork for the David Lewis Hospital: A place for animal ridesWork For The David Lewis; An education, play and community centreWork for the David Lewis Hospital: Workers Learning and Craft CentreWork For the David Lewis Hospital:  Liverpool artists galleryWork for the David Lewis Hospital: transformed by a structure with helipads, etcWork for the David Lewis Hospital: superstructure of a bottle with lips on topWork for the David Lewis Hospital:  the buidling is transformed by bright colours

Works For Walton Hall Park, Walton on the Hill, Merseyside

Work for Walton Hall Park: Landscape the parksWork for Walton Hall Park:  Activities, horse racing, tennis, sailing, etc.Work for Walton hall Park: hot air ballooningWork for Walton hall ParkWork for Walton Hill Park:  An aquariumWork for Walton Hall Park: Suns tethered over the park.Work for Walton hall Park: An oasis with palm trees and waterWork for Walton Hall Park:  Angel above two horses heads with suspended chalice

Works For Dale Street, City Centre, Liverpool, Merseyside.

Work for Dale Street: Teddy Bear, table tennis, etc. A childs view of roads?  work for Dale Street: Space for trees and pedestrians along the motorwayWork for Dale Street; Rainbow and hot air balloon over the motorwayWork for Dale Street:  Juggler on high wire over the Motorway

Works for Fulshaw Close, Netherly, Merseyside

Work for Fulshaw Close:  GardensWork for Fulshaw Close: TreesWork for Fulshaw Close:  An adventure playgroundWork for Fulshaw Close:  Sports activities, darts, snooker, football, etc.  Work for Fulshaw Close: Artists dreams: Urban decayWork for Fulshaw Close:  Hand with loads of moneyWork for Fulshaw Close: Bomb it,  replace  with shops, sports hall, etc. Work for Fulshaw Close:  Lady Luck

Works For Hornby Street, Bootle, Merseyside

Work for Hornby Street: Love is the greatest gift. Work for Hornby Street:  Love Thy Neighbour with a black and a white hand.Work for Hornby Street:  Flowers, sun and waterWork for Hornby Street: Circus in black its more real.Work for Hornby Street:  Turn off the rain. Turn on the sunWork for Hornby Street:  windpower and solar panelsWork for Honby Street: Same only different - with a list of what makes up a homes Work For Hornby Street:  What Hornby St, and street like it should look like.

Mozart and Handel Streets, Toxteth, Merseyside

Work for Toxeth:  A maze replaces the waste landWork for Toxteth: I would like to live in a house not a tower block.