Eat Your Art Out - February 1987

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When visitors arrived at the Bede Gallery they were given a small printed leaflet which read as follows

Orange Octopus JugglingEat Your Art Out  - A celebration of food and art was held at the Bede Gallery, Jarrow.  It provided an opportunity for visitors  to the Gallery  to create works of art to look at - or eat and drink - all with a focus on fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Game

a work of art to eat or drink : choose any three fresh fruit or vegetables from the display to make a salad, or a freshly pressed fruit or vegetable drink.


a work of art to look at - dip into the hat and win a letter of the alphabet, and create a picture - using oils, water-colours, instant photography, collage, pastels or charcoal - of any fruit and/or vegetable beginning with the letter you have won, plus one other object, also beginning with that letter.  You can repeat these elements as many times as you wish.  

The picture above comes from an interpretation of the letter O  producing an octopus made of oranges and juggling oranges.

The Materials

Eat Your Art Out benefited from our experience of running participatory exhibitions at the Walker Art Gallery in that we already had the boxes which would contain the materials and considerable experience of obtaining and using a wide range of artists materials. So setting up and leading  the painting etc. workshops was relatively straightforward

For the Blackie Team the new element was working with fresh fruit and vegetables (some of which had to be replaced on a daily basis) and producing drinkable juices and edible salads.   

We invested in a heavy duty juicer and for some of us it became something we added to our lives after the show was over.

The Works

The works we were left with - as at all our other participatory exhibitions people could and did take their works away with them - became part of The Games Of Art.

Below are a selection of the works

Charcoal work of eggplants and elephantsCollage man and mushrooms

Above charcoal  Eggplants and Elephants and Mushrooms and Man  collage

Collage Fennel and FernCollage Fennel and Film

Above two collage works using polaroids based on Fennel - Fennel and Fern and Fennel and Film

Water colour of oak leaves and orangesPainting mixed veg and mushrooms

Above water colour of Oranges and Oak leaves and a clever interpretation of M producing a painting of Mushrooms and Mixed Veg.

The Team

We are very short of information for this event.  We do know that Judy Bates (now Gough), Bill and Wendy Harpe, Sally Morrism from the Blackie and Vince Rae  (Director of the Bede Gallery) took part in the event.