Terminal Experience - 28th/29th April 1972

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Terminal Experience was one of a series of mixed media events (including 'Cube' and 'Kong') which were created by members of Blackie staff, in this case led by Martin Brems;  in conjunction with poets - in this case Dave Calder and Jim Stewart; and musicians, in this case Death Kit, Nick Morgan and Jim Stewart.

The impetus was as the invites made clear to combine live electronic music and poetry.  But more than that it reflected the desire of the young people, who staffed and visited the Blackie at that time, to work together, across media to create what we called total events.

The Show

Terminal Experience took place in the old auditorium (earlier the meeting room of the former Congregational Church) with the central space filled by an uninflated inflateable or airbed on which the audience sat after divesting thermselves of shoes, and other loose items, etc. They faced a white wall within which were set electronic equipment and controls and monitors - some of which were practical and some of which were simply props. Behind this was the raised performance area.

audience on uninfalted inflateableWhite shaped wall and performance area


Above the audience seated on the uninflated inflateable airbed. Left the wall with its inset electronic TV, lightbox etc. in front of the perfoming area.


During the show the inflateable air bed was inflated, liftinmg the audience who then began to play on it

Teh inflateable inflatedThe inflateable inflated

The inflated airbed also provided a perfomance base for the dancers so that It was often only possible to distinguish the performers from the audience because the performers wore bright red overalls.

Audience and performers on deflated inflateableDancers on the inflateablePerformer on inflateable



The performers in their bright red overalls amidst the audience on both the uninflated and inflated airbed

Performers entered the space through hidden doors, so in audience terms suddenly appeared and were there. The performers and those controlling the performance were continously videoed and this was fed straight into a monitor which was inset into the wall.

Performers being videoedPerformers being videoed and fed back to the monitor

Terminal Experience was a strange mix - the audience had freedom to play around, the music and setting was very 60s (particularly the lightshows) and yet the 'contollers' (a practical necessity with an inflateable airbed ) standing around in red uniform rather like prison guards, someone in a lab coat checking the electronic equipment, and the constant videoing gave the whole show a sort of sci-fi futuristic and very controlled and controlling feel. The 'guards' ensured that the 'audience at play ' did not and couldl not leave the inflateable airbed

The contollers watching the audience

The Programme


                         Terminal Experience

                     A  Great Georges Project

                                 created by

                       Death Kit  : Martin Brems

                                  and many friends 

                 Music composed by:-

                                Nick Morgan

                               Jim Stewart

                 Words written by:-

                               Dave Calder

                               Jim Stewart

                 Performed by:-

                    Music -  Death kit

                    Words - Dave calder

                                 Jim Stewart

                   Dance - Sandie Armstrong

                                 Wendy Harpe 

                                 Robin Harries

                                 Jym Macritchie

                                 Dave Rickus 

                                 Dave Ward  

                  Control - Sue Adams

                                 Mowbray Bates

                                 Stephanie Dodds

                                 Chris Mead

                                 Roland Shannon

                                 Howard Steele    

                  Technical staff

                      Fine electronics - Tobias Holland

                      Lighting Effects  - Jym Macritchie

                                                   Tobias Holland

                      Tyrano saurus  -   Alwyn Jones

                                                   Bob Hughes 

                       Video               -  Judy Bates

                                                   Sally Morris

                       Inflateable       -   Rob Harries

                    Lab. Technician  -   Chris Mead

                      Costumes          -  Sandie Armstrong

                                                   Stepahnie Dodds

               Environment Created by  Roland Shannon


               Martin, Dave, Sandie, Howard, Dave, Wendy, Rob, Jym, Mo

               Sue, Steve, Steph, Ed, Bob, Toby, Chris, Judy, Sally, Tommy,

               Mark, Judy.

               Directed by  Martin Brems

              The event was made possible by equipment loan  & services from:-

                Mr. Danny Jones

                Mr. Eddie Barker 

                Manchester Armature Ltd.

                Liverpool regional College of Art 

It was originally intended that there would be only one performance on Friday 28th of April but such was the demand for tickets that we did a second performance on Saturday the 29th.