Electronic Concert Discography - April 1968

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Below is a (necessarily incomplete) discography of electronic and concrete music. With the exception of deleted records (i.e., available only at second-hand) all records may be obtained at, or ordered at Rare Records Ltd., 36, John Dalton St., Manchester. Tel: 0161-832-73/5

Unless otherwise indicated, all records are 12" L.P.'s.

Jean Barraque ''Etude'  Barclay 89.OO5

Pierre Boulez, 'Etudes 11. Barclay 89.005

Herbert Eimert, 'Four Electronic Compositions', Deutsche Gram LP 16132.

Ernst Krenek 'Two compositions' - elec­tronic music and voice, Deutsche Gram LP 6134

Karlhenz Stockhausen 'Studie 1', 'Studie 11', and 'Gesange de Junglunge'  Deutsche Gram LP 16135(7"LP)

John Cage 'Fontana Mix' )  Turnabout  Stereo TV 340465

Luciano Berio 'Visage'  )  Mono TV 4046

Ilhan Mimaroglu 'Agony' )

Philips Series,  'Prospective 21st Century'

Xenakis, Berio, Maderna, Kagel - 836.897.DSY

Pierre Henry,  'Le Voyage'     - 836.899.DSY

Pierre Henry, 'Variations pour une porte et un soupir'   - 836.898.DSY

Norwegian Electronic Music - 836.896.DSY  

Les percussions de Strasbourg (instrumental, though relating to electronic work)-   836.990.DSY and 836.991.DSY

Lewin-Richter, Mimaroglu, Avni, Carlos .Turnabout Stereo TV 340045

BAM Musique Experementale (1 & 11), Mache Vandelle, Philippot, Ferrari, Boucourechliev - BAM LD .071

Ferrari, Malec, Brown, Bayle, Mache, Carsun - BAM stereo 5.072 (11)  mono LD 072

Musique Concrete - Xenakis, Ferrari, Philippot, Sauguet, Schaeffer, BAM LD 070 (M)

Pierre Henry 'La Reine Verte!' Unidisc UD 30.137 M (obtainable only in France)

Pierre Henry 'Orphee' Philips Modern Music. Number not known, and I think, difficult to obtain.

Pierre Henry 'Les Yper Sound' Fontana 460 233 ME (45 rpm EP)

Ray Cathode (BBC Radiophonics) 'Time Beat' 'Waltz in Orbit' Parleophone 45-R 4901 (45rpm deleted).

Mimaroglu 'Le Tombeau de Edgar Poe & Avni, Vocalises, Vox - Tv 4004 1st and 2nd 'Panorama de musique concrete' Both discs contain works by Schaeffer and Henry (including 'Symphonie pour un homme seul'  and 'Voile d'Orphee' 1st Panorama Ducretet-Thomson 320 c 100

2nd Panorama Ducretet-Thomson No.  not known

Both deleted; subsequently reissued (by Philips, I think) but I think also unavailable.

'Panorama de musique experimental '2 discs by Philips - an international survey, including Varese, 835.456/86. (available only France, Holland - recently deleted).

Badings, 3 compositions and Raajmaker's 'Contrasts', Philips A 835056 L Varese, includes a number of this composer's works.  Philips Modern Music Series A 01494 L  (available only on the Continent, I think).

John Cage, Variations IV (not electron­ic, but related) Everest 3132. There are a number of other Cage works, available on record, listed as available from George Avakian, 10, West 33rd Street, New York 1, NY  (but orders for these might also be made through Rare Records.)

John Cage 'Indeterminacy'. Folkways FT - 3704

This list is not complete. Some Polish electronic works are available and some further Italian works listed in a catalogue I saw at Rare Records but haven't had time to check before the Concert.

We hope to provide a more complete discography at the next concert. If you know of other discs, I'd be pleased to hear from you.

Bill Harpe

April 1968