Concert of Live Electronic Music - March 1969

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programme cover for the concert

This was the third and last of three concerts directed by Bill Harpe and commissioned by The Bluecoat Arts Forum as part of their Musica Viva series.

Left a photo of the programme  cover for the Concert



The Programme for the Concert was as follows:-

Concert of Live Electronic Music

Performed by Hugh Davies and Richard Orton.

David Bahrem          Wave Train, for piano and electronic equipment (1966)

Richard Orton           Piano Ring (1968-9) - Premiere

Robert Asley            The Wolfman, for amplified voice and tape


Hugh Davies            Shozyg 1 + 11 (1968)

John Cage               Cartridge Music (1960)

In the event Richard Orton was ill so

Piano Ring was replaced by Play by Christian Wolff 

Cartridge Music by Electronic Music for piano also by John Cage.

In the background correspondence to the Concert Hugh Davies writes of the fact that live electronic music uses a lot of tapes but that the uses vary from composer to composer - so - as occasional constant background sound, or as a means of storing sound material which is then utterly transformed in structure.

He also writes of the need for transport which allows the composers/ musicians to bring a full range of equipment.

All three  concerts were clearly created at a time when the performance of electronic music was in its infancy  - for instance Goldsmiths College and York University were just establishing the first  two electronic music studios.