Anna Lockwood

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Anna Lockwood is a distinguished New Zealand composer, now called Annea Lockwood and resident in America. She first came to Liverpool in 1967 when Wendy Harpe promoted her Glass Concert (in which Anna made music from a range of glass - from striking long glass rods of varying lengths to dropping glass beads into metal containers) at the Bluecoat Chambers.

Anna's relationship with the Blackie started in 1969 ( August 25th to September 5th) when she came to run Sound Workshops.

During the day she worked on Piano Transplants and the creation of Sound Objects and Mobiles mainly with young people.

The work actually started before Anna's arrival as we advertised for and then collected unwanted painos.

Physically modifying pianos was something John Cage did so as to change the sound the piano made when played.  In our case it was also about producing visually interesting objects.

Creating Sound Objects and Mobiles consisted of making objects/mobiles from found materials which could when 'played' produce sounds and so become musical instruments.

Ana doiing Piano TransplantsAnna and Piano Transpalnts

Young girl looking at a transformed pianoWendy adding things to a piano

Piano with add onsA piano back with an added keyboard

Anna Lockwood, Wendy Harpe and pianos being transformed in the middle of the Blackie's old auditorium,

In the evening she investigated, with anyone who turned, up sounds and trance material ; to discover which sounds affected the body and mind and which parts of the mind and body were affected.. This last activity was part of a BBC series which she was producing.