Evolution of the Blues - Jon Hendricks & Family - March 1972

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JON HENDRICKS rose from singing in his fathers church in Ohio to national fame as a chart-topping singer and composer in the U.S.  He presented the original version of "The Evolution of the Blues" at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1961.

Since coming to England 4,years ago he has worked in clubs all over the country, on television, and starred in the ''Evolution of the Blues" show in London. He was voted No.1 Male Singer in the Melody Maker International Jazz  Poll in 1970-71

Evolutions of the Blues was perfomed at the Blackie on  16 and 17th March 1972

  Performers                                                      Musicians

Jon Hendricks                                               Lee Scones      Piano                            

Judith Hendricks                                               Alan Cooper     Bass

Colleen Hendricks                                            Les Ciskel         Drums

Michele Hendricks                                            Lord Eric           Bongos

Lord Eric

It was staged and Directed by George Margo

  John Hendrix in a robe singingJohn Hendricks seated and bass player Jon Hendricks in achecked suit

Jon Henedricks and family dancing to the BluesJon Hendricks and family perfroming

Jon Hendricks and family performing Evolution of The Blues

Production, Team :  Bill, Wendy, Martin, Tobias, Ed, Marcia, Mary~Kay, John, Nick, Kevin, Ambrose, Steve, Matio, Roland, Bob, Bobby, Rob? Judy, Sandie, Mo, Rona, Peter, Steph, Howard, Chris, Jym, (You'll note the helpful lack of surnames)

Jon Hendricks and his wife chat with Bill

                   Jon and Judith Hendricks chat with Bill

Thanks to. Rushworths, The Bluecoat Society of Arts, The Anglican Cathedral, The Everyman Theatre, the Furniture, Boutique, Andrew Browne and Sons Ltd, Watersons Bookshop, S.J.McEwan, Butchers, For help with props and equipment.