Chance Is Brought About By Touch

Submitted by root on Fri, 06/22/2012 - 20:41

A group of players are dancing with hoola-hoops.  Some players are keeping the hoola-hoops in motion around their waists, some around their hips, and some around their necks, arms, or legs.  Whenever a hoola-hoop falls to the floor the player simply picks up the hoop and starts again.

Meanwhile, one other player  -  in an area with flowers and vases  -  is practising flower arrangement.

From time to time one of the players with a hoola-hoop chooses to lay their hoola-hoop on the floor and walks to touch the flower arranger on the shoulder.  The two players then change places and each takes up the activity of the other player.  A little while later another player may choose to lay their hoola-hoop on the floor and tig (tag) the flower arranger to change places.

The game continues so long as the players enjoy dancing with their hoola-hoops and there are flowers left to arrange.

Notes :

-  an alternative is for the tigging (or tagging) to be done by the flower arranger choosing to touch one of the players in the group

-  the group activity and the solo activity may be changed to suit the circumstances in which the game is being played and the abilities of the players :  variations may include skipping, or playing with tennis balls for the group ;  and creating a structure with building bricks, or telling a story, or singing (if the group activity is quiet) for the individual player.

-  the group activity and the solo activity may be adapted for disabled players ;  for example, players in wheelchairs may make journeys around a network of paths drawn on the floor, pausing at every intersection to perform an exercise ;  while the solo player makes rhythms with maraces :  alternatively, this arrangement may be reversed, with the solo player making the  journey, and the group of players playing maracas.