Persistence May Overcome Resistance

Submitted by root on Sat, 06/23/2012 - 17:31

The two groups of ten players have each been given two simple invitations.  First of all, they are invited to travel across the room as a group with (at most) fourteen feet touching the floor at any one time.  Then, after a pause, they are invited to travel back carrying a very long (but relatively light) cardboard tube and to do so without using their hands as they pick up, carry, or put down the tube.

Each group of ten players has just over half an hour to prepare for their two journeys.

One group undertake their first journey by carrying two players and with two other players taking it in turns to be drawn along with their feet off the floor.  The other group undertake their first journey by hopping, with all the players hopping from their right foot to their left foot so that no more than ten feet are touching the floor at any one time.

On their return journey the first group carry the cardboard tube by collectively lifting it onto their shoulders with their elbows, and lowering at the end of the journey in the same way.  The second group decide to lift, carry, and lower the tube with their feet and travel slithering across the floor on their backs with the tube lifted above them on their feet.

The players then meet and decide on an appropriate soundtrack and lighting for their two journeys.  The journeys are then undertaken again and videorecorded with the lighting and music (or sounds) chosen by the groups.

Notes :

-  the groundrules for such journeys are determined by the skills, experience, ages and abilities of the players ;  an experienced group of players will create a rhythm, or rhythms, for all the moves during the journeys ;  some groups may be asked to turn a full circle at the halfway point of a journey, or to pause at two moments during a journey and at one of these moments to look up and at the other moment to look down

-  the choice of an appropriate soundtrack and lighting is determined through dialogue ;  the journeys themselves are often best devised without the use of words

-  maintaining physical contact throughout the group during a journey is often a very helpful groundrule.