Flower Works and Bird Works

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Flower Work made from smoking materials

Players were invited to select material from what were groups of 'themed' materials.  So one week all the material might be parts of bikes, another week they might all be related to office supplies and so on. And they were each given a sheet of coloured paper.

The players were then asked to use the material to make a flower and mount it onto the coloured paper.  Picture of Mounted Flower Work made from smoking related materials

The materials used included bike parts, first aid and medical equipment,  baby materials, tights,  gardening materials, materials related to smoking, electronic materials, office supplies and so on.

Flower Work made from tightsFlower Work made from tights

Flower Work made from baby related materials

Flower Work made from baby related materialsFlower work relating to baby materialsFlower Work made from materials related to the care of babies

Flower Work made from knitting materialsFlower Work made from first aid materialsFlower work made from tea related materials

Flower Works made from materials related to leg ware, babies, tea, knittinmg and first aid

These are making games in which people work individually. The flower games were oiginally played as part of staff games. The games were then played with young people in the Blackie's playschemes moving on from flowers to include birds.  And finally as part of MPAC's Artists In Play the making of Bird Works were toured around Merseyside. The resulting Bird Works were then exhibited at a local library and at MPAC.  

The Flower and Bird Works are regularly displayed in the Black-E Gallery as part of The Games of Art. 

Picture left of the Flower Works on Exhibition