Songs Provide Illumination

Submitted by root on Fri, 06/22/2012 - 19:58


A large tree has been painted on the back wall of the room. 

Lighting is low and players are lighting small candles (night lights), and carrying them carefully across the room and hanging them from a myriad of hanging points among the branches of the tree.

As one player crosses the room their night light goes out.  The player with the unlit night light becomes motionless.  Another player pauses in their journey across the room and sings a song.  When the song is over the motionless player relights their night light and resumes their journey.  The singing of the song has rescued the player whose night light went out.

The game continues  -  with night lights being added to the tree and a variety of songs being sung as night lights are extinguished and motionless players are rescued.  When the tree is fully lit the players assemble around the tree and sing a song together as the game ends.

Notes :

-  the players do not speak during the game

-  in one variation of this game a player whose night light has been extinguished does not become motionless but instead begins to move gently :  this movement, in slow motion, may be determined by each player or may be pre-determined (for example, slow motion swimming or climbing movements, or slow motion exercises familiar to students of Tai Chi, Qi-Gung, ballet, etc).