Becoming Breathless May Also Become A Friendly Habit

Submitted by root on Fri, 06/22/2012 - 19:51

A player runs into a room where one player is lowering themselves to the ground in slow motion and the other players are each individually and quietly engaged in building card houses.  The running player is breathing heavily and beginning to sweat.  This player steps carefully over to the figure moving in slow motion  -  avoiding any vibration likely to disturb the card houses which are being assembled  -  and touches the slow moving figure on the shoulder.  After a moment of relaxation the slow moving figure and the running figure each resume the task of assembling or reassembling their card house.

In fact, it is the third time the running player has rescued another player whose card house has wholly or partially collapsed.  And since rescuing involves running around the exterior of the building where the game is being played  -  and this run must be completed before the player being rescued has completed a simple rising and falling movement  -  then it is not surprising that this three-times rescuer is now somewhat breathless.

The game continues  -  with card houses occasionally collapsing and players exiting to achieve or attempt rescues (one player remains motionless in the later part of the game after a rescuer fails to return before the rising and falling movement is completed) until a bell sounds to end the game.  Then the players (who have been silent throughout the game) exchange stories of collapsing houses and urgent rescues, and review the remarkable and multifarious designs possible for card houses.

Note :

-  provided the building is accessible, players in wheel-chairs may complete a circuit of the exterior of the building (or, in a variation, an interior circuit around the building) ;  card houses may be assembled on tables at the side of the wheel-chairs ;  players using wheel-chairs may adapt the rising and falling movement to suit their circumstances, and on occasion a limit may be put on the time within which they can be rescued.