Every Century Is Cause For Some Celebration

Submitted by root on Fri, 06/22/2012 - 20:08

It looks like a skipping marathon.  All of the players have taken a skipping rope.  Some are skipping gently, some are skipping at speed, and some are trying out tricky footwork and crossed arms as they skip. 

Then one player trips on their rope and stops skipping.  The player puts down the rope and lies down on the floor as if going to sleep. 

Shortly after this two players cease their skipping and cross to one side of the room.  They take up badminton racquets and begin playing a shuttlecock from one player to the other.  They are evidently playing to keep the shuttlecock travelling from one racquet to the other without touching the floor.  They are also counting the number of strokes.  When the shuttlecock has been kept in the air and struck one hundred times (fifty times by each player) the players put down the racquets.  They walk over and 'awake' the 'sleeping' player.   All three players resume their skipping.  The 'sleeping' player has been rescued.

The game continues until a TV monitor is wheeled into the centre of the room.  The game has been recorded on video and the players sit down to watch and reflect on their skipping and badminton skills, their mistakes and their rescues.

Note :

-  non-stop skipping is not a requirement :  players may choose to pause for periods (for example, to rest or to watch other players) :  it is only when a player trips whilst skipping that they put down their rope and lie down.