Identities Are Lost And Found

Submitted by root on Fri, 06/22/2012 - 19:38

Based on a party game this is one of the few games played at the Black-E which we did not create.  The players are moving around and meeting in pairs and small groups to ask questions and exchange answers.

All of the questions are being answered only with the word "Yes" or "No".  The questioners are seeking an answer to the question "Who Am I ?".  They are asking such questions as "Do I live in Liverpool ?", "Am I a singer ?", "Do I write plays ?", "Am I a woman ?", "Have I appeared on TV ?".

Everyone can quickly recognise everyone else's identity but not their own  -  for all of the players have been given an identity by way of a card with a name written on it which has been pinned to their back. 

The game continues until every player has identified who they are  -  with all players actively involved in the game, and contributing to the answering of questions, until this has been achieved.

The name cards are then removed and put up for display on a noticeboard.  All the names are of artists and sports personalities from Liverpool.

Notes :

-  the key task in preparing for this game lies in identifying characters  -  famous or not famous, alive or dead, real or fictitious  -  who will be known to all the players, and on whom all the players are likely to be able to answer question

-  there is a possible third answer to questions, in addition to "Yes" or No" :  this is "I don't know, please ask someone else"

-  signers are required when this game is played by a group made up of Deaf players using BSL and other players not understanding BSL.