Something Unknown Is Revealed

Submitted by root on Fri, 06/22/2012 - 19:10

The players are seated in a circle and are introducing themselves.  Each player is taking a turn to speak and talks for about a minute. 

One player describes what they ate for breakfast.  One player describes an incident from their school days.  Another player describes an event which took place during a holiday.  Another describes a moment when they were lost in a wood.  Some of the events described are life changing while others are the smallest of incidents apparently chosen almost at random.    

The contributions would seem to have nothing in common.  But the players, some of whom have known each other for a long time and some of whom are new arrivals in the group, are all responding to the same invitation.  The are each describing a personal experience which, until they have described it, was unknown to everyone else in the group.

Notes :

-  the players are allowed three minutes to prepare their talk

-  the invitation to the players may be varied ;  for example, the players may be invited to describe (i) an early memory, (ii) a sad (or alternatively, happy) experience from the previous week, (iii) what they would do if they were given £1,000, etc, etc.

-  the invitation should be appropriate to the players and open to both serious and light hearted responses (one way of achieving this, for example, is to invite players to describe 'a sad experience from the previous week' rather than 'the saddest experience from the previous week')

-  the invitation should require some thought from the players before they make their responses (this may rule out invitations to the players to describe their favourite meal, singer, TV programme, film star, etc.)

-  the game is accessible to deaf players through signing.