Creating Hand Greetings

Submitted by root on Thu, 05/07/2015 - 16:40

The players are invited to move around,  each time they meet another player they create hand-greeting repeating this three times until both partners are happy with the hand-greeting created.

Both players must contribute equally to the greeting (that is, the greeting does not reveal one active player and one passive player).

This was the original hand greeting game. It was finally so successful that people were invited to have their Greeting photographed and a selection of these were mounted and exhibited under the title 'Hand To Hand' as part of the Games of Art.

As can be seen from the other games in this section there a number of variations and additions to this basic game.


- the players may be free to create any form of hand greeting ;  or, all the different hand greetings may be created to a common pattern (for example, two delicate touches, three slaps, and one strong clasp)

-   the greetings may involve the hands only ;  or the players may be free to incorporate other parts of the body in the greeting

- in a variation to the above  the players move around and create their hand greetings with a board balanced on their head, adding to the delicacy of both the walking and the greetings.  

the moving around variation above (which emphasises participation and eliminates viewing) is particularly suited to visually impaired and blind players who may access the game afterwards through a recorded audio description.