The Tools, Hands, And Mind Games 2

Submitted by root on Mon, 09/17/2012 - 19:39

Second Game

A game based on the proposition put to the players that a simple tool like a hammer requires as much care and thought, if it is to be used properly, as do more apparently complex tools.

The players are asked to consider how many different types of hammer there are - what qualities and disciplines are required in using different types of hammers to their fullest effect - and then to choose a particular kind of hammer or range of hammers and to produce a work illustrating their proper use.

When the above proposition was put to a group of players at the Blackie they chose to work with a range of hammers used by silver-smiths.

After a period of research and experimentation the group produced a work which took the form of a series of hammered plates in a light metal alloy mounted on a board, together with written descriptions and pen line illustrations of the various hammers they had used.

The hammered plates mounted on  wood

First of the hammered plates mounted with its haikuThe second hammered plate mountedThe third plate mounted

Above the hammered plates mounted side by side with the descriptions of the hammers. We seem to have created two versions of this work - the second is below.

The care and precision involved in forming the plates was complemented both by the exactitude of the pen line illustrations and by the written descriptions which were composed in a haiku - a Japanese verse form of 17 syllables which carries the possibility of being delicately evocative as well as succinct.

The plates mounted on a varnished plywood background

This game was played at the Blackie by players most of whom were working at that time on the Blackie's building site.