The Tools, Hands, And Mind Games 1

Submitted by root on Mon, 09/17/2012 - 16:57

First Game

A game to concentrate the minds and the hands of the players on the qualities of a work tool - in this case a wood saw.

The players are divided into pairs and after receiving a small package - one package to each pair - move to localities which separate each pair from the others.

On opening their package each pair discovers that they have been given three different kinds of work tool together with a piece of wood and a message.

The message informs them that they are in prison - that they have three hours in which to escape - and that they can ensure their escape by sawing once through the piece of wood using the tools available to them.

The tools made available should be such that while none of them taken individually can provide the players with the main distinguishing feature of the saw - a toothed cutting edge - taken together as a kit they will offer the opportunity of making such an edge.

When this game was played at the Blackie as a part of the weekly games sessions the tools made available to players were a file; a table knife; a pair of pliers. The general solution reached was to use the pliers to cut teeth in the table-knife and to sharpen the teeth using the file.

Finally, the players were invited to mount the saws they had created, and the wood they had cut, on a board.

This game was played at the Blackie as part of the weekly games sessions during the first building site redevelopment programme.