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Working in small groups the players are invited to use photography to make a collage depicting an object and its reflection in water.

The object chosen is to be depicted using photographic images of water while the object's 'reflection' is to  be depicted in photographic images of the object itself.

The first part of the game is a photographic expedition with each group travelling to a locality which is of their own choice but which contains water.

The photographic images of both water and object are  collected from within the locality - but it is open to the players if they so choose to incorporate into their collage an object not directly associated with the water or reflected in it.

Refletion of a man with a stickReflection using a bottle shapeReflection using the outline of a woman crouching

Played at the Blackie as part of the weekly games sessions the players were given one session in which to decide upon a locality and to take photographs - and the following week up to the next session to make their works.

Localities visited by the players included: a park with a lake; a public swimming pool; the Mersey docks.

Reflections is a more sophisticated use of the approaches explored in the Head and Sheep works