Parks And Streets

Submitted by root on Mon, 09/17/2012 - 16:45

A game in which groups of players are invited to enclose the greatest possible areas of land using as their boundaries lines of communication between all members of the group.

The group use four methods of communication: touch contact; two kinds of eye contact - one with all players able to see one another and one where each player can see one other player; ear contact - with each player able to hear only one other player.

Once the positioning of players to cover the largest area of land whilst using one of the methods described above has been achieved, a visual record is created by the group of the resulting pattern and its dimensions.

Players attending the Blackie's weekly games sessions played this game in various parks and streets in and around Liverpool.

The results of using different methods of contact were recorded in the form of pin and thread works - with the pins indicating the position of each player and the connecting threads defining the lines of communication.