Museum Of The Future

Submitted by root on Tue, 09/18/2012 - 13:44

As an introduction to the game the players are divided into small groups and asked to consider what properties qualify an object for the title "A Museum Piece" - and also what properties qualify an object to be on display inside a museum.

They are then invited to complete the statement "A museum piece is...." in not more than 15 words and devise a trip to select and view two objects which illustrate their statement. One object has to be in a recognised museum and one in another place. Each group alsocreates a written guide with itinerary for reaching and viewing their chosen objects.

After each group has selected and viewed their two objects they are given the itinerary of another group to follow.

A game of chance is then played by each group to obtain one letter of the alphabet. They then choose a street or locality in the surrounding area, the name of which begins with that letter.

Each group travels to their particular street or locality to discover there one object which is generally thought of as being of little significance, but which in their opinion will serve to illustrate the present if prepared for a museum of the future.

This object is then to be prepared for presentation by being set in clear resin.

The final part of the game involves players in learning how to pour resin, considering what moulds to use, and how best to set their objects.

The game was played at the Blackie in a series of weekly games sessions - with the long and careful process of resin pouring and final polishing of the hardened resin taking place over a number of weeks.