Collage By Letter

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Collage of tent and treeThe game begins with the players going on a journey to an agreed destination.

During the course of the journey games of chance are played during which each player obtains one of the letters making up the place-name of the destination. The chance-letter then becomes an integral part of each player's pathway for playing the next part of the game.

On arrival at the destination each player is invited to explore their surroundings and to seek out and photograph two objects or scenes of their choice - the name of each object or scene has to begin with the letter drawn by the player in the game of chance.

After developing their two photographs each player combines them into one composition.

A surreal collage of an ear and elbowCollage of plimsoles and pile

Above collage of an Ear and Elbow - and pushing the rules - Plimsoles in a Pile

At the Blackie the players - both kids and adults - began the game by taking a coach journey to somewhere of interest in the North West of England. The game was played a number of times during a Blackie summer playscheme with a different destination on each occasion: a museum; a park; a zoo; a historical site being among the places visited.

Collage of a motorbike with matches Collage of a leopard striding over a lakeCollage of hat and handsCollage of a bunch of flowers in a basket

Above collages of  a Motorbike with a Matchbox; a  Leopard striding over a Lake;  Hat with Hands; and a Bunch of flowers in a Basket.  At the top of the page a collage of a Tree emerging from a Tent. 

The collages created at the Blackie through playing this game were first exhibited on a staircase in the Blackie building.