A Meditational Activity May Produce Growth

Submitted by root on Sat, 06/23/2012 - 19:14

A picture of a flower is emerging stroke by stroke on a blackboard.  It is being created by a group of players.  All the players began this game by gently rising and sinking with boards balanced on their heads.  Any time a board has fallen to the floor, the player losing the board has gone over to the blackboard and made a single chalk mark towards the creation of a flower :  the player then returns to their place, replaces the board on their head, and begins again gently rising and falling. 

Notes : 

-  consideration should be given to the hair styles of players before the game begins in order to ensure that balancing the board on the head is neither ridiculously difficult nor ridiculously easy

-  the boards may be of card or board :  rounded corners help avoid any injury to players when a board falls

-  the players preface the game by practising rising and falling in slow motion with boards on their heads (rising each time as high as possible and sinking each time until seated on the floor before rising again)

-  players may make the rising and falling into a meditational activity

-  no words should be spoken by players during this game

-  if more than one player is at the blackboard, players wait silently to take their turn and add their stroke