Cookery Skills Produce Food For The Eye

Submitted by root on Sat, 06/23/2012 - 19:36

The invitation to the players is to "Follow The Yellow Brick Road".  The Yellow Brick Road on this occasion is an arc, almost a complete circle, of yellow carpet tiles.  In the centre of the circle is a tall white circular cylinder.

Players are taking turns to venture one by one along the Yellow Brick Road of carpet tiles.  Each player making this journey is equipped with a frying pan and a circular table mat.  Each time the player moves forward on to a new tile they toss the circular table mat into the air, much in the manner of tossing a pancake.  If the table mat is caught in the frying pan then the player moves forward onto the next tile.  If the table mat is not caught in the frying pan and falls to the floor, then the player returns to the beginning and starts again, or rejoins the queue of players waiting to begin their journey.

But if the player travels all the way around the arc  -  tossing and catching the table mat on every carpet tile  -  then the player follows this accomplishment by decorating a section of the white cylinder at the centre of the arc.  Painting the cylinder becomes a celebratory workshop complete with a ladder for players to ascend with paint brushes and paint to the top of the cylinder.

Journeys around the Yellow Brick Road continue until the cylinder is completely decorated.  After this, players completing the journey then inflate a helium filled balloon, and tie the balloon by a string to one of the many small hooks around the top of the cylinder.

Finally, the players, and others who have watched the game being played, stand and admire the painted cylinder with helium balloons flying overhead.

Note :

-  wheel-chair players can travel around the arc, moving their chair forward from tile to tile each time a table mat is successfully thrown and caught ;  wheel-chair players may paint the lower part of the cylinder, or reach the higher parts with a brush on the end of a long lightweight stick.