Agreement May Produce Pleasing Results

Submitted by root on Sat, 06/23/2012 - 19:50

The players are sat in a circle around the storyteller.

The storyteller begins by asking questions.  The players all agree on the answer before this answer is given to the storyteller (or, alternatively, they all agree that they cannot answer the question). 

All of the questions relate to the South America.  The questions continue until (in the judgement of the storyteller) ten questions have been answered correctly.   

When ten questions have been answered correctly the storyteller then tells a South American story.

Notes :

-  a comprehensive portfolio of questions is required on the subject chosen for the questions and the story

-  questions and stories on a number of subjects connected by a common theme may be covered in one session (for example, questions and stories relating to the seven continents, sporting questions and sporting stories, etc)

-  questions need not always require a factual answers, and answers need not always be verbal (for example, an answer may be a communal dance or mime)

-  Deaf players can play this game with signing, and integrated groups of Deaf and hearing players with simultaneous signing and speaking ;  sometimes a speaking storyteller may have their story interpreted with signing, and sometimes a signing storyteller may have their story interpreted with speech.