Going Solo - The Exhibition - 31st Oct - 4th Nov -1988

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The opening poster for The Going Solo ExhibitionThis Exhibition was created by The Great Georges Community  Cultural Project (colloquially known as the Blackie), during october 1988 as part of a five day event, "Going Solo" which celebrated the art of solo dance. The exhibition charts the development of solo dance from the end of the last century to its multi-faceted contemporary form.

The exhibition consists of 41 wooden boards. with few exceptions each board concentrates on one particualr solo dancer, the exceptions cover soloists from three theatre companies; an important choreographer, Black dance; Indian dancea; and 'new' dance.  Each work displays a selection of photocopied images of the dancer; credits, such as choreographer, costume designer, music composer, etc. and, wherever possible, there is a brief statement that puts the dancer into historical perspective and a 'thought' on solo dancing itself. 

After being exhibited during "Going Solo" it was exhibited at The Place, London.

The works below are divided into three groups - these divisions are not fixed and other combinations maybe made to reflect a particualr viewpoint/aspect.

So as make it possible for people to view the texts on the web they have been added either at the side or underneath the works so that, once enlarged, you can read all the texts.

You can also view the whole exhibitionas a slide show and this works very well.

Section 1  Historical

Ruth St Denise and Ted ShawnDoris HumphreyAgnes De MilleMary Wigman

Marie RambertIsadora DuncanLoie FullerAnna Pavlova

Pole Dance from The Bauhaus TheatreKatherine DunhamMartha GrahamNomos Alpha

Section 2  International

Solo Dancers at the Liverpool Garden FestivalSolo Dancers at The Liverpool Garden FestivalSolo Dancers at the Liverpool Garden Festival

Antonio Black DanceSuraya HilalSolos in Indian Dance

Section 3: Modern/Contemporary

Merce CunninghamMartha GrahamMeredith MonkPaul TaylorThe National Dance Theatre of JamaicaFred AstaireMolissa FenleyYvonne RainerAlessandra PalmaLaurie BoothBelinda NeavePaulene Laverty and Maria AgathaNew Dance 2New DanceFrancoise SergySue MacLennanBonny MeekumsiPaul ClaydonDiversions Dance CompanyYoung Modern Male Dancers