The Seeds Of Creativity - February 1985

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 The seeds of creativity - what are the conditions for their growth?"

Dr Jurgen Marten addressing the audienceOn February 6th 1985, about 50 people attended a talk on cultural policy by Dr Jurgen Marten, Head of the Research Institute for Cultural Policy in the German Democratic Republic Ministry of Culture.  Dr Marten had particular responsibility for the theoretical basis of culture, and for the infrastructure of the GDR's Ministry of Culture and its organisations through their local authorities. 

Dr Marten and Sally Morris at Seeds Of CreativityDr Marten and Mapopa Mtanga in conversation

Above Dr Marten and Sally Morris leading the discussion and Dr Marten talking to Mapopa Mtanga

His talk explored in particular the development of a society with creative opportunities for all.

Dr Marten mingling with his audience

Above Dr Marten mingling with his audience

This talk was a follow up from our contacts made with the GDR made during Down To Earth 1984