Sally Morris

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Sally Morris came to work at Blackie in 1971 and, apart from a year off to do a film course, remained until 2012. Sadly for the Black-E, her partner Kevin, and all her family and friends she died in May 2012. At the bottom of this page you will find a slide show which was created for her funeral.

Working with Young People

sally leading avideo workshopGames For Two Players 1975

Above running a Video Workshop (early 1970s) and Games For Two Players  (1975) ; below left running the Radio Station for Summer In Blue 1974 and right  trying on costumes for the Circus Of Liberty

running The Radio Station for Summer In Blue   Trying on Costumes Circus Of Liberty 1980

 Below Two Photos from Going For A Song 1981 followed by four from So Shines A Candle  (Christmas 1981)

Going For A song - games for creating songsgoing For A Song 1981So Shines A Candle christmas 1981Performing in So Shines A CandleCreating the sound track for So Shines A Ccandle

The staff of So Shines A CandleDancing during Close Encounters 1982

Above right dancing during Close Encounters - a series of weekly dance performances during 1982.  Below  delivering Knots to Knotty Ash as part of Thou Shall Knot Christmas 1982/83

Thou Shalt Knot Christmas 1982Delivering Knots to Knotty Ash 1982Delivering knots to Knotty Ash 1982

Below On Tour  with The Bird Works Summer 1985

Bird Works 1985 Hnaging the Bird Works on tour 1985Eat |Your Art Out 1987Eat Your Art Out 1987

Above two pics of the Eat Your Arts Out Tour Summer 1987 and below from the Rainbow Tour 1988.

Rainbow Tour 1988

Playing Games

Palying avariety of table tennisPlaying a variation on table tennisAlternative table tennis

Above and left playing a variety of table tennis during staff games in the early 70s.

Below obstacle course during Girls Can Do It - a Community ArtsRoad  Show 1989.  Preparing for Football Crazy Crazy Football  which took place on the Podium in Liverpool City's centre. We think this took place in 1996 as part of  the first  Festival of Games 

Obstacle course 1989Preparing for Football Crazy Crazy Football 1996Arriving with Bill to run staff gamesPreparing for Festival of Games 2001

Above Sally and Bill about to lead staff games and preparing for Festival of Games 2001.  Below  the second Festival Of Games 2001 in rain and sun.

Festival of  Games 2001 Festival of Games 2001

Below leading Games at Lidderdale Primary School and with FairField disabled group at the Blackie 

Leading Games at Lidderdal Primary SchoolLeading Games at Lidderdale Primary SchoolLeading Games with Fairfield at the Blackieleading games with FairfieldLeading games with Fairfield

Below Sally taking part in staff games from 1990s to 2012

Playing the Greetings Game with RhamaStaff games

Sally playing staff games 2010Staff games 2010

Working On Events

sally videoing Education of a Girl Child


Left recording Meredith Monk performing Education Of The Girl Child 1972 and below two Photos taken by Dave Kilburn during the preparations for Going Away Games 1974




Going Away Games 1974Sally during Going away GamesDoing The Door  for Down To Earth 1978

Left greeting the audience for Down To Earth in 1978 and below photos from the second version of Down To Earth in 1984

The Weaving Down To Earth 1984At the Down To Earth Seminar 1984At the Down To Earth Seminar 1984Running the Market Stall for the Year of the Rat 1984Sal and Jude cutting the cake at their 20th Birthday PartySally and Jude cutting the 20th Birthday Party cake

Above Sally running the market stall for Chinese New Year  1984 The Year of The Rat and Sal and Judy cutting the cake for their 20th Birthday Party 1988.

Creating songs at Streets Ahead Glasgow 1990s Streets Ahead Glasgowe 1990s

Above Streets Ahead 1990, taking place in Yoker as part of Glasgow's City Of Culture.

Making Films

Sal made two animated films 'Three Feary Tales', and 'Money Cant Buy You'  working with disabled people. Below are pics of the films being made.

Leading animation at Mere Oakanimation at Mere OakMoney Cant Buy You Girtrell Court 1982

And The Rest

Playing Backgammon with Howard Steel Christmas 1970sTaken for Seven UpCommunity Arts Gathering 1978

Above playing Back Gammon with Howard Steel during Christmas early 1970s, picture taken for Seven Up 1975 and at the Community Arts Gathering 1978Below at Gifts For A City 1979Collecting bricks as part of rebuilding the Blackie around 1975 and in a hard hat  running the building site. Sal made an enormous contribution to rebuilding the Blackie through all its many programmes.

At Gifts For A City Walker art GalleryCollecting bricks  mid 2970s Running the building site 1970s

Staff meeting 1977Staff meeting 2010Meeting with Bill and Eddie Berry

Above Sally at staff meetings in 1977 and 2011. Left meeting with Bill and Eddie Berry

Below in the Blackie Office in 1985 with the video  and playing Mahong with youngsters

sally in the Blackie Office 1985Playing Mahong

Below Sally with 1) Penny McPhillips and John Berry, 2) Sue Eyo and Peter Barbar, 3) Eddy Berry and 4) in Huskisson Street garden with Bill,  Becky Vipond, Billy Lunt and Pieter and Tina plus a map of their journey from Estonia

Sally with Penny McPhillips and John BerrySal with Sue Eyo and Paul Barbarsally and Eddy Berrysal and Pieter and tina in Huskisson Street garden

sal making teasally at work

Above portraits of Sally at the Black-E

Sal at Home and on Holiday

Sal working on the houseWorking on the houseSal working on the houseSal creating a series of photos to decorate the house

Above working on the house. Below working on the Garden

 Sal gardeningPosing in the gardenSal with sun flowers and beansWorking in the gardenGardeningDisplaying the onionssally in her garden

And Out And About

Sal on holidaySal and apple archSal and KevSal and Kev

And Finally

Below celebrating the Black-E's 42nd Birthday

Group picture celebrating the Black-E's 42nd BirthdaySally and Bill celbrating the Black-E's 42nd Birthday