The Archive offers a display of 40-plus years of cultural history. Who did what, why, when and to what effect. More than an absorbing archive: also a do-it-yourself kit to contribute to future cultural initiatives; covering events created by the Black-E as well as the work of visiting artists.

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 The seeds of creativity – what are the conditions for their growth?”
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The Idea
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An exhibition of paintings by Monica Sjoo and works by North West artists Rebecca Doughty,  Judy Gough,  Jean Grant, 
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This was the first public showing of ‘A Dot OnThe Map’ a collaborative Art and New Technology works, linking schools, communities and individuals from all over Cumbria isolated by geography or disability. These places –the Dots- included remote village schools, big Inner City schools, special schools, a youth club for the deaf and the singular house of Audrey Barker who instigated ‘A Dot On The Map’ (whoever crossed her threshold was invited to make artwork for the project).
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A Spring Happening by Alan Kaprow was first performed at the Reuben Gallery, New York in March1961.  It was recreated at The Blackie by Wendy Harpe in July 1969.  
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The artists below have all exhibited at the Black-E since it start in 1968. Wherever possible we have included the dates and event they were part of, but in some cases we lack this information - 40 years is a long time. .   Mags Blackwell :  Sister To Shakespeare (1982).
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Lunapark by the Belgian Group 'Theatre Laboratoire Vicinal' was performed at the Mountford Theatre in the Liverpool University's Students Union.   The following is the description by Neil Johnson from 7UP:-
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Education of The Girl Child - a one woman opera - by Meredith Monk is a solo piece which traces the life of a woman in reverse from old age to childhood.
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The following events were  based round a specific poet/poets, often with other activities such as music.  For some poets we built a specific environment.  But by and large we know very little about these events since often all we have is the original leaflet and our ever fading memories.  We do not for instance have the dates when these readings took place, we do know that it was late 60s and early 70s;  therefore they are currently listed alphabetically.  
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A series of dance workshops led by Di Davies, Dennis Greenwood, Margie Katz, Marie Riollano from the London School of Contemporary Dance.   These were advanced students who had come  to perform in Inferno and run dance workshops.
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The invitation to the players is to "Follow The Yellow Brick Road".  The Yellow Brick Road on this occasion is an arc, almost a complete circle, of yellow carpet tiles.  In the centre of the circle is a tall white circular cylinder.
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The players are invited to move around,  each time they meet another player they create hand-greeting repeating this three times until both partners are happy with the hand-greeting created. Both players must contribute equally to the greeting (that is, the greeting does not reveal one active player and one passive player).
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"Bingo a moronic activity" "......... the encouragement of large numbers of people to sit vacantly gaping at a numbered card in the usual vain expectation of totally undeserved reward is a questionable activity"  Lord goodman Chairman of The Arts  Council Cultural Bingo was a game invented by Bill Harpe; the idea was simple, the audience played bingo but won not only prizes but also a 'cultural' activity'. 
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This Seminar was not run by the Black-E but it is included in the Archive a) because of Bill's involvement  and b) because the Archive aims to include work associated with Black dance which links to work done at the Black-E  The Seminar was run by  IRIE! Dance and City and Islington College (Saturday 24 September 05).
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The activities in the space look something like a scene from a divine comedy.
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Lorry Theatre took place very early in the Blackie's history  and it was the first attempt of working with communities in the open air.  Bill Harpe directed the event and, not surpringly, his Report On Lorry Theatre considers the role of the arts and artists when working with audiences who traditionally have had little or no relationships with either. LORRY THEATRE EXPEDITION 1969. DIRECTOR'S REPORT
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Making The Clothes When young people think of the arts, fashion and music come tops. In line with this enthusiasm the Summer Playscheme of 1972 culminated in a Fashion Show and Disco.  The playscheme ran for six weeks from 24th July to 2nd September.   
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There is no single structure around which meeting and greeting games may be devised.  Meeting games may explore and celebrate the physical interactions of meetings and greetings, the verbal interactions, or both.  Players may be creating hand greetings which have never been seen before, introducing themselves in ways which they have never done before, or meeting other players whom they cannot see.  Games along these lines are described in this chapter.
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