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  • Classes are on Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm - 7.30pm

simonSihing Simon had a day job as a delivery driver and was quickly promoted to warehouse & transport manager. As hard as he tried, the hours kept building along with the stress of the job and having a young family at home. This was the start of a downward spiral that not only affected him but also his wife and sons. In 2015 Sihing Simon met Sifu Scott Rowlinson who began explaining how to become an Instructor and change the life that he had into a lifestyle for him and his family. 

2015 marked the turning point in his life, and Sihing Simon opened his first Wing Chun class in Rugby. The more Sihing Simon taught his Rugby class the more he enjoyed it and the more his confidence grew, as did his ambitions. 2016 saw Sihing Simon give up his day job to become a full time Instructor and open up 4 more classes, going into 2017 Sihing Simon is responsible for the growth and developement of Wing Chun International in the Birmingham Region of the UK and has plans to see many more schools open within this Region whilst showing others how a career in Martial Arts is something not to be missed.
Head of Wing Chun International Scotland Region
Head Instructor place Available!
Head of Wing Chun International Wales Region
David Ridgway 12th Sudent Grade

I have been a police officer since my early 20s and am a married family man with 3 children. I first started martial arts as a means of getting fit. Starting with kick boxing then Muay Thai boxing I was able to resolve several heath complaints and set my goals in learning to instruct martial arts. Due to unforeseen circumstances my club closed and I was left lost. I tried several clubs but found that I longed for the traditions and artistry which some other clubs lacked in favour of fighting.
As a long standing fan of Kung Fu movies I decided to look for Kung Fu clubs in my area of Telford. It was then that I discovered Wing Chun international and gave it a try. I fell in love immediately with the style and the training and quickly grew with my training.

Whilst training at Telford and Shrewsbury clubs I met my instructor Simon Dommett who quickly identified in me the desire to teach what I was learning to others and he took me under his wing.

Intending to train as an instructor in order that I would have a post retirement career doing something I love I soon realised that I wanted to start sooner as a full time instructor as I was becoming more and more disillusioned in my job and under the guidance of Sifu Scott Rowlinson I started the task of switching my career.

Starting my first club in Wrexham I have undertaken the task of introducing Wing chun international to the region of Wales where I am looking to relocate with my family for a better life whilst teaching wing chun to others and bringing them the joy of learning this great art.

The History of Wing Chun

The history of Wing Chun is one that can be considered an intermixing of both fact and legend. It is widely accepted that this quick and efficient martial art originated during the 17th century from the far more rigorous and complex art forms taught in the Shaolin Temple of Southern China. It was around this period when the Manchus came to power in China and began their strict rule in order to keep control. Due to their support for the Ming, the Shaolin monks faced great pressure and ultimate destruction to their temples. Due to these circumstances, the origin of Wing Chun lacks consistent records as martial arts practitioners were forced into hiding.

The most popularized story of Wing Chun’s origin is that of the Buddhist Nun, Ng Mui. It is said that she was one of Five Elders of the Shaolin Temple that managed to escape prior to its destruction. With her high level of Shaolin martial arts, she created a form of self-defense which could transcend size, weight and gender. She drew her inspiration for Wing Chun from the movement of animals, primarily the crane. When applied to the human form, these delicate but natural movements required little force to block and strike effectively and efficiently.

Ng Mui’s first student of the yet unnamed form was a beautiful young girl named Yim Wing Chun who was being pressured by a bandit warlord into marriage. After mastering the art so as to defend herself and eventually drive off the bandit, Yim Wing Chun would have the form named after her as the first student of Ng Mui. This is how the lineage of Wing Chun began according to popular legend.

Though the art was taught throughout history but rarely officially documented, this legend was the one accepted and told by Grandmaster Ip Man who is highly regarded as the greatest and most insightful teacher of Wing Chun. Ip Man would move to Hong Kong in 1948 where he became the first master to teach Wing Chun to the public and make the art form what it is today.

Grandmaster Ip Chun is the eldest son of Ip Man as well as one of the most respected teachers still teaching in Hong Kong to this day. While he finds beauty in the legend of Ng Mui and Yim Wing Chun, Ip Chun sought more historic facts to base his beliefs. Upon recent research, a man named Cheung Ng has been confirmed as having existed and can be more accurately credited with the spread of Wing Chun. As a student of the Shaolin Temple in Fujian, Cheung Ng became proficient in martial arts prior to the destruction of the temple. It was during this time that Cheung Ng learned the form of Wing Chun which was being taught as an effective form of martial arts against the Manchus.

After the destruction of the Shaolin Temple, Cheung Ng was forced to seek refuge with different families while teaching Wing Chun to secret rebellious groups. He was even nicknamed Tan Sau Ng after the term Tan Sau which is one of the essential blocks taught in Wing Chun.

Even the story of Cheung Ng becomes shrouded with some mystery as he and his students were forced to train in secret. It is likely that legends similar to the story of Ng Mui and Yim Wing Chun were intentionally created to protect the teachers and practitioners from being discovered by authorities.


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