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The Black-E's Touring Shows and Exhibitions

Women in MusicCreated at the Blackie as part of “Every Witch Way” – a festival of women making music – this collection is made up of a series of larger than life, hand painted banners. Each banner depicts a female musician, including Ethel Smythe, Bessie Smith, Ivy Benson and Tina Turner; and comes with information about her life and achievements.

Down to EarthOriginally presented alongside environmental seminars and a communal weaving project, the exhibition documents the history of soil erosion due to human exploitation and explores the prospects for regeneration. Parallels are drawn with the erosion of human creativity in a consumer society, and the prospects for regeneration and empowerment.

Rainbows UnlimitedYoung people were invited to make a gift to leave for a friend at the end of a rainbow. Their offerings include a rainbow rocket, a rainbow garden, a rainbow monster, a rainbow roundabout. This remarkable rainbow world was created through residencies at 8 playcentres.

Going SoloA thought provoking exhibition to stimulate your mind and your body, ‘Going Solo’ was created to accompany a week long celebration of solo dancing at the Blackie, including workshops, performances, seminars and screenings.

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