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Movema The Big Union & Festival Launch

Big Union &  Festival 31 launch  - poster

Big Union &  Festival 31 launch  - poster











The event is part of Movema’s ‘Moving Together’ project which engages and unites Liverpool communities and People seeking asylum and Refugees through world dance events and training. 

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To find out more visit or follow on Facebook or Twitter. They can also be reached by telephone on 07548 365869, or by email at infoatmovema [dot] co [dot] uk

FESTVAL31 is a month long festival providing a platform for organisations and activists from within the Merseyside region to celebrate refugee arts & culture and widen the dialogue around the refugee experience. The festival has been running since 2014 and it is organised by SOLA ARTS, PARTINERS and other SUPPORTERS. However SOLA ARTS does not prescribed activity during the festival as it happens mainly through the commitment, passion and activities run by the local community. We encourage activities that happen in the community and often in communities where the dialogue around refugee issues is not common place.




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