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A Place For The Arts | Book | £10.00 | Details

Place for the ArtsThis publication - a rich compilation of ideas and facts about the arts and arts centres in Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, USA, Brazil, Tunisia, Malawi, Singapore, and Australia - is both a historical document and a stimulus for new ideas.

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Christmas Oratorio | LP Record | £15.00 | Details

The Black-E Christmas Oratorio“A Christmas Oratorio - The Birth of a Building” takes the sounds of The Blackie's (now The Black-E's) building site, and mixes them with recorded voices and song to celebrate the experience of creating a new building.

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RAPsody in E | Compact Disc | £10.00 | Details

‘Do you want to be a rapper ?’ read the invitation on the leaflet distributed to young people in Liverpool youth centres. And that’s how it began.

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Everyday Visions | Misc Gifts | £10.00 | Details

Everyday Visions

A postcard commemorating a 13ft 5in x 10ft 3in wall of 63 paintings (oil on paper and board) created by A'lulu Amelia Kingfisher and exhibited to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The Blackie (now The Black-E).

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