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Games For The New Years

A DIY Guide To Games For The 21st Century

Picture of front cover of Games for the New Years: a DIY Guide to Games from the 21st CenturyIn the later part of the 20th Century we became increasingly aware that "we are the food we eat". This 21st Century guide is informed and inspired by the complementary idea that "we are the games we play".

Recipe books for dishes drawn from around the world are now widely available. This guide is something new. This guide is a recipe book for games drawing upon cultures from around the world. But the guide does more than introduce and describe games which you may wish to play. This guide also describes simple and basic structures which will enable you to devise your own games. Games created and played as a result of using this guide will be extremely varied. But they will all have something in common. None of the games will set players against one another in images of warfare (games as the embodiment of "warfare without weapons"). They will, nonetheless, be very challenging games, with the players exercising all their skills (including communication skills) in the pursuit of a common purpose. They will be creative and co-operative games.

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These games improve skills and develop teamwork
- John Barnes, football coach
These games are a surprise, an education, and a delight to both the children and the teachers in my school
- Mo Rahilly, Head Teacher
These games generate creativity
- Meredith Monk, artist

Published 2001 by The Blackie, (now The Black-E)
ISBN 0-9540621-0-8
105 Pages, Soft Back, Wirebound, Size 21 x 30 cm
Black & White and Colour Photographs

Price: £15.00
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