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Art For Life's Sake

A Contribution To A Youth Arts Strategy

Front cover image fom Art for Life's SakeWhat does Jamie Oliver’s campaign for healthy food in schools have in common with youth arts programming ? Is there a divide between what young people want and what young people need ? Do games make a serious contribution to the development of character or are they just a way of passing the time ? These and other questions are at the heart of this book. This publication addresses Youth Arts nationally by providing a strategic overview of Youth Arts in the UK today as a basis for discussion among Youth Arts providers, practitioners, and young people themselves. Some issues are seen through the context of Youth Arts in Liverpool, though given the commonality of factors affecting strategic Youth Arts provision nationally (governance, the representation of young people, revenue funding cf. project funding, training of workers, etc,) this focus retains a national relevance.

Published 2006 by The Blackie, (now The Black-E)

ISBN 978-0-9540621-1-8 31 Pages, Soft Back, Wirobound, Size 21x30 cm

Colour Photographs

The CD “RAPsody in E” can be bundled with the book by selecting the appropriate option above.

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