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Games For The New Years | Book | £15.00 | Details

Games for the New YearsIn the later part of the 20th Century we became increasingly aware that "we are the food we eat". This 21st Century guide is informed and inspired by the complementary idea that "we are the games we play".

Women, Art and Society: A Tribute to Virginia Woolf | Book | £8.00 | Details

Picture of front cover of Women, Art and Society: A Tribute to Virginia WoolfJudy Chicago’s inspiring 1982 lecture honouring the 100th Anniversary year of Virginia Woolf’s birth.

Art For Life's Sake | Book | £15.00 | Details

Front cover image fom Art for Life's SakeWhat does Jamie Oliver’s campaign for healthy food in schools have in common with youth arts programming ? Is there a divide between what young people want and what young people need ? Do games make a serious contribution to the development of character or are they just a way of passing the time ? These and other questions are at the heart of this book.

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Rainbows At Dinner | Misc Gifts | £15.00 | Details

Rainbows at DinnerThese table mats were created following a series of 'Rainbow Projects' (public sculptures and participatory exhibitions on Merseyside, and in London and Gdansk) and are designed for practical use and/or exhibition. The place mats offer rainbow-pictures (including a musical rainbow, and a rainbow under traction in hospital). The coasters offer rainbow-thoughts ('Proposals For The Creation Of A Rainbow Party').

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