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  • Art with Heart: Declaration

    Declaration is an autobiographical piece performed by Sarah Emmott.

    Art with Heart touring posterSaturday 1st July,7:30pm

    Declaration-image: Actress with a beach ball

    Art with Heart work closely with mental health charities and ADHD support groups to create safe, inclusive work for audiences and artists with and without additional needs.

    Please contact the Black-E for tickets

    Ticket Prices £10 / £8 concs


  • Rentals OverviewA world of possibilities in one building. Gallery, Cafeteria, Chamber Theatre, Workshop Area, Break-out Rooms, Dressing Rooms, Meeting Rooms, and the unique multi-purpose Main Space (an in-the-round auditorium with two overlooking balconies). Available for arts events ; sports promotions ; film production ; exhibitions ; fairs ; conferences ; parties ; rehearsals. One-off rentals ; regular rentals ; and rentals of single and multiple spaces.

  • Get InvolvedWe welcome - local and international volunteers (donating their time and services) - students on placement (work experience as part of a programme of study) - and will in future offer apprenticeships and training schemes leading to formal qualifications. Abundant opportunities for exercising the muscles of the mind and the body - training and retraining - learning and unlearning. Join the team bringing the cultural programme to life (as well as undertaking building maintenance, administration, fund raising, and everything else required to keep the The Black-E going).

  • Touring showsThe basis for our touring programme is that whatever happens at the Black-E - events, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, seminars - can also happen away from the Black-E. Requests and invitations to tour are most likely to be accepted when they will “make a difference” to those making the request. Touring commitments are generally undertaken on a ‘paid-for’ basis, though when circumstances are appropriate the costs of a touring commitment may be met by the Black-E.

  • The Archive offers a display of 40-plus years of cultural history. Who did what, why, when and to what effect. More than an absorbing archive: also a do-it-yourself kit to contribute to future cultural initiatives; covering events created by the Black-E as well as the work of visiting artists.

MarketplaceEntry to a cultural bazaar of works and reports created during the course of the Blackie's (now the Black-E's) cultural programme. For sale - fixed price and/or by donation. Books of games, books on games, hip hop and oratorio recordings, table mats inspired by rainbows, poetry, posters, badges, cultural manifestos and womanifestos. Free downloads of cultural documentation and reports.

The Black-E (formerly The Blackie) - a combination of a contemporary arts centre with a community centre - was launched in 1968 as the U.K.'s first community arts project. The commitments made then remain the commitments today - to young people (offering, in the words of The Last Poets, "affection, protection, direction") - to a cultural programme emphasising participation and involvement ("do-ing" as well as "viewing") - to education (formal and informal) - and to quality of work with equality of provision.

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